Album: Timeless
Label: FFRR
Producer: Goldie, Rob Playford

Like a lot of British B-boys in the '80s, the aerosol artist and DJ Goldie (born Clifford Price) was swayed by rave culture, only to split from house's four-to-the-floor orthodoxy to mess with breakbeats.

He was one of the key producers in the evolution of rave's messy "hardcore" sound to cleaner-lined jungle, or drum & bass-a style whose breakbeat avatar wasn't "Apache" but the Winstons' "Amen Brother," typically slowed down. (This 18-minute video by Nate Harrison explains that song's history, which is every bit as winding and fascinating as that of "Apache.")

But you can still hear "Apache" in a number of drum & bass tracks, particularly those on Goldie's label, Metalheadz, during the mid-'90s, such as J. Majik's "Your Sound" (1995) and Digital's "Metro" (1997)-not to mention Goldie's own hit for FFRR/London, where Gordon and Errisson are chopped to bits while undergirding Diane Charlemagne's jazzy-diva wail and the producer's pitch-shifted strings.