Album: N/A
Label: Harvest
Producer: Peter Jenner

Davie Allan may have been a crucial pre-Jimi noise-guitar wizard, but when Hendrix proclaimed, "You'll never hear surf music again," at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival, young Americans believed him as surely as they believed Eminem's proclamation that "Nobody listens to techno" in 2002. The rise of the Beatles and Bob Dylan mandated that rockers now write all their own songs; cover versions didn't go away, but they became far less prevalent than they once had been.

So this 1970 single was an oddity for that reason alone-it was a dual cover, inserting Jerry Lordan's famous riff among the lurching blues-rock of Captain Beefheart's "Drop Out Boogie"-which, in a way, makes Broughton the first musician ever to "sample" "Apache," a practice that would go into overdrive thanks to another version released three years later.