Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Producer: Double Dee & Steinski

Grandmaster Flash didn't sample "Apache" on "Wheels of Steel"-he replayed the record live to tape, cutting the intro beat twice. Double Dee & SteinskiMadison Avenue men Douglas DiFranco and Steve Stein-simply cut tape. A lot of tape: "The Payoff Mix" was their entry into a Tommy Boy Records remix contest, as the label attempted to get some attention for former Soul Sonic Force members G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid's "Play That Beat, Mr. DJ." Cutting more than 40 individual sound bites over the groove, the duo threw "Apache" in at 1:51, after the words "Play it for the hip-hop." It was becoming official: the Bongo Band "Apache" was hip-hop, whether anyone rapped on it or not.