25 Things Everyone Thinks About Hip-Hop (But Nobody Will Say)

19. Getting music covered on blogs is almost entirely politics and networking, and quality rarely matters.

As much as bloggers might front like they're the A&Rs of the new decade, the vast number of them have atrocious taste and are as likely to be swayed by a listening session with free booze and a keychain as they are by, you know, quality music.

The dirty not-so-secret to getting your name on rap blogs is that a few bloggers will post anyone of at least middling quality, thus justifying a person's presence as an Artist Worth Talking About.

With the right blog onslaught, anyone can swim their way to the top of the blogger fishbowl with an avalanche of well-placed emails and a chatty PR person's Gmail Rolodex. Of course, success through this method isn't likely to create much in the way of a fan base—at least not one willing to spend money on an artist.

The ease of an Internet rise is a double-edged sword in other ways. You only get one coming-out party, and if you garner a lot of attention in one year, you might be stuck struggling to regain blog attention a few short years later. Call it the Charles Hamilton Rule.

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