Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip to Be Square" in American Psycho

Film Released: 2000

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Patrick Bateman does, and he will tell you every reason why before he hacks you to pieces. In a movie filled with music nerd monologues (Phil Collins and Whitney Houston get their own spiels, too), none is more effective the one about this selection from the band's 1986 effort, Fore!

After luring co-worker and rival Paul Allen back to his apartment, Bateman plays "Hip to Be Square" and rants about its take on the "pleasures of conformity" and the "importance of trends." Bateman does a little jig before striking Allen with an axe, blood spattering his face just as Huey's chorus kicks in. The juxtaposition of pop bliss and brutal murder makes one of the greatest on-screen moments, ever. Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now you stupid fucking bastard.