On Sean Price's newest album, Mic Tyson, he spits, "I was once fucked up, from the ash I risen." That isn't a boast either, it's the truth. At one point, P was selling pills and stolen two-ways to pay the bills and dubbed himself "the brokest rapper you know." He struggled mightily after Boot Camp Clik's heyday in the '90s and became an irrelevant, forgotten MC.

How did he turn it around? Well, for one—inspired by Ghostface's Supreme Clientelehe put out the best material of his career in the mid-Aughts, including the underground classic Jesus Price Supastar. More importantly, his rise coincided with the rise of rap Internet blogs, particularly Nah Right. The site's founder, Eskay, is a huge fan of Price and championed him on the site frequently.

Price's hilarious, hardcore material coupled with Nah Right's influence helped Price turn his career around and become a rap blog darling.