Royce da 5' 9" began his career in the Detroit underground scene alongside his buddy Eminem. He even teamed up with Em to form the duo Bad Meets Evil and make a few underground classics. But while Eminem was blowing up, Royce was going through a phrase of self-described "immaturity" in his 20s. He had a falling out with Dr. Dre and Eminem, feuded with D12 and just about every other rapper in Detroit, and flirted with becoming a full-blown alcoholic. Although Royce was close to destroying his own career, his pen game remained sharp and he gained a cult following for his Death Is Certain album and the Bar Exam mixtapes.

By maturing, sobering up, and getting wise to what the Internet can do for a career, Royce found a crew of misfits just like him and formed Slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse not only helped Royce find a brand new career path that not only revitalized him but brought new interest to his older material as well.

Just when it seemed like things couldn't get any better for Royce, they did, and he patched things up with Eminem, reformed Bad Meets Evil, and dropped a gold album. Meanwhile, Slaughterhouse recently scored a No. 1 album and signed to Em's Shady label. Royce is finally viewed as one of the best lyricists around.