Ty Dolla $ign: "I was working at Atlantic a lot because of this dude named Shawn Barron. I was working with everybody. Mike Caren, Shawn Barron, the homie Jeff over there, like everybody. And everybody was trying to sign me, they were just trying to figure out how to do it. ‘Cause I make house music, I make hip-hop shit, I make R&B shit, but they’re like, ‘We don’t know which way.’ I met with a couple other record companies like Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Interscope. Everybody was feeling me. They wanted to sign me. They were just like, ‘We’re trying to figure out what to do with you.’

“It was this one lady, Karen Kwak, she works at Def Jam, she was like, ‘If you could just give me one sound then that would be the shit.’ I took that advice and made the Beach House shit which is more of one sound. But then, I was just working with Shawn Barron so much that he offered me a great deal, so I took that one. [Laughs.]

“I was always an artist. I always had my own songs. Really, ‘Toot It & Boot It’ was my song. I gave it to YG because he had an opportunity to get a deal with Def Jam. If I hadn’t done that, who knows what I would be like now. I was just like, YG needs a single, everybody in the streets was loving that song. I’m like, he can have it, that can be YG’s. It was me and my homeboy’s, my cousin TeeCee4800, we were originally on the song, then we put YG on there. So that took us there, that was a blessing.

I was just making hella songs and people were feeling them, so I’ll just keep on doing it. Once I put out that ‘All Star’ and saw people were fucking with, I just made a mixtape. That’s when I came out with House On The Hill and ever since then we’ve just been going in.”