Rockie Fresh: “I just feel like Chicago artists have [the drill scene] locked up. Chief Keef, King Louie, Lil Durk, Sasha Go Hard. These are all my people. I rock with them super tough. That’s they style. They got that locked. I feel like it’s my duty to bring something different to the table. What they do is necessary and it’s real to them because that’s where they come from. They winning off it too. So it’s like, I don’t knock that at all. I support them one hundred. And they support me for what I do. They don’t take it as me going against what they doing. I never take they sound as something directed towards me. It’s one of them things where we respect each other and it’s all love. We listen to the drill music, so it’s dope.

“Everywhere you turn it’s just different. You could be on one block and it could be all mansions and you could be on the next block and it’s probably the most hoodest thing you have ever seen. With that, it’s just like it makes you different. You see it differently. It also allows for a lot of us artists to get along because we experienced that whether it was in high school or was at a job we worked at. You know, wandering around the city. You just see so many different things you gotta accept it at some point. That’s why we all get along because it’s all better than what we could be doing.”