Album: Chemical Warfare
Label: E1, ALC

The Alchemist: “That came together in bits and pieces. I got the beat, got this person, and this person, and this person. I don’t think I'd do that anymore. I don’t think I would do that whole elaborate process to make those type of records. They happen when they happen now.

“That one, I'm not saying it couldn’t have been done in one session, but it was all this having to get one guy on it and then call this guy and get this guy on it. It’s not chasing but everybody works on their own. It took a lot of work to get that done. The finished project was dope and the video is like my favorite thing that I ever did.

“But I feel like the amount of effort and time, especially now in an era where music comes and goes a lot quicker, I don’t know if I would wait that long on one beat to get one thing done. I'm more now about staying in the fluctuation, making due with what’s around you. It's a renegade style of music. It's like graffiti, it's collages. You gotta take what’s there and make it happen.”