Label: G-Unit/Interscope Records

Best Song: "Poppin' Them Thangs"

This is how we choose to remember G-Unit: their clique tight, their attitudes loose, and their music brooding yet playful. "Stunt 101" announce the crew on a large scale, "I Smell Pussy" was another foot on the chest of Murder Inc., and over a powerful piano loop from Scott Storch, "Poppin' Them Things" has one of the best opening lines ever: "After the VMAs, my baby mama cuss my ass out/Kicked her ass, we back friends, like Puffy and Steve Stoute."

G-Unit went on to become one of the great soap operas in music, but let's not forget when it was plain ol' great. And that said, if you claim G-Unit and you're not 50, Banks, or Yayo, you're Kidd Kidding yourself.