Age: 25
Essential Listening: Control System
If You Don't Believe Us Listen To: "Terrorist Threats"

Anyone who's actually taken the time to listen to Ab-Soul’s Control System knows that he’s one the best young rappers out. However, even though TDE has had a creative takeover of the game, they haven’t had a commercial takeover (à la MMG).

We’re willing to forgive rap fans who are inundated with new music and don’t want to listen to every perceived overnight sensation. Besides, plenty of people are too busy catching up to Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q to even begin thinking about Ab, who admittedly is still the third banana of the crew.

Take our word for it and check out Ab-Soul. He's like dead prez meets Joe Budden, in the most interesting way possible. Conscious, self-aware, and simply apt at the skill of rhyming, he has a brighter future than most would guess at the moment.

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