"We were in Montreal doing shows and again, it was the last show of the tour. We go to the club for the after party and there’s a group of girls that come back with us to the hotel. Everybody’s just hanging out in front of the hotel. I think it’s like five girls. This one girl in particular had on a gold dress. Beautiful girl, dark hair, just lovely.

“We’re sitting, talking, everybody’s chilling. All of a sudden, a truck pulls up. [Imitates brakes screeching.] This guy jumps out of the truck, charges towards the girl in the gold dress, grabs her by her hair, snatches her up, roughs her up, puts her in the truck, drives off. Mind you, he doesn’t say anything to anybody. He was clearly the boyfriend. Everybody’s like, ‘What the fuck just happened?’

"About 20 minutes passes, everybody goes back to what we’re doing. At this point we’re hanging out in the lobby. Who comes walking through the hotel? The girl in the gold dress. Now the dress is a little ruffled up, knees are a little bloody and scraped up, like she's clearly been through something. She comes back in like, ‘Hey guys!’ as if everything is all good, talking to people. We’re like, ‘Are you okay?’ She's like, ‘I’m fine, don’t worry.’ A good 10 minutes later, that noise again. [Imitates brakes screeching.]

"This guy rolls up in a truck with a bed in the back. The dude pulls up, heads through the lobby straight at her, picks her up, carries her out of the hotel, and they take off. This happened four different times. We’re in Montreal, so they’re speaking French, going back and forth arguing and what not.

“The last time she didn’t come back. We were praying that nothing seriously happened to her but it was confirmed that she was okay. The next time I was in Montreal, guess who shows up at the hotel? She wasn't wearing the gold dress, she was wearing something different, but she still had a few battle wounds from that experience.

“From that moment on, she was dubbed the ‘Montreal Warrior.’ For whatever reason she was going to get whatever she was trying to get by any means necessary. Four different times this dude snatched her up, pulled out of the hotel, and four different times she came back. Clearly I asked her about it next time I saw her. She was like, ‘He’s crazy, he just knows that I love you.’ This was her justification. I guess that’s what it is. Hilarity."