"I was on tour and I did a meet-and-greet before the show. This one woman walks up in the line, and she hands me a little gift bag. I’m like, ‘Oh, okay cool.’ Fans give me gifts, cool deal. So I do the show, right? I get backstage after the show, and I open up the bag, and it is lingerie. A couple different pieces of lingerie.

“I have gotten lingerie before, but this something completely different. Not only was it lingerie with pictures, but it was pictures of this woman, wearing these pieces of lingerie. And this was not a small woman. This was not a small woman, at all, to the point where some of the pictures, you can’t even see the lingerie. The thing is, I’m holding the lingerie like, ‘Okay, this is interesting’ and then I look at the picture and it’s ‘Ah! Damn, no, no, no!’

“The photos are burned into the back of my mind. I can’t get rid of the thought of the photos now. It was the thought that counted, but yeah, I couldn’t do it."