"The last show of every tour is always the show where everybody’s on point, because it’s the show where people take it upon themselves to do silly shit. There was one show where my drummer got off the drums and came on stage in a janitor’s outfit and was pretending to sweep up as I was performing. Just silly stuff like that.

"I went on tour with Electrik Red once and on the last show of the tour, I’m right at the end of a song and I turn around, ‘Bam!’ I stop the band, and I turn back around, and all four of them walk out on stage in heels and towels and they commence to turn their backs to the crowd, turn towards me, open up the towels, do a little shimmy, close the towels, and walk off the stage.

"They were just barely clothed. They might as well not have been clothed. I’m talking like napkins and dental floss type stuff. It threw me for a minute. I couldn’t get back into my flow for a second. It was kind of like, ‘I’m on stage, and there’s people here. Let me get right.’ That’s another one that was burned into the memory that I don’t mind so much. The big lingerie photographs haunt me. That? Cool with it.”