Lil Durk: "I just did a video with them. These are my homies man. Everybody got their own opinion on it man. Some say he weak, some say he a big star. He ain’t never done anything to me. Actually, I talked to him just the other day. He's my homie.


Snatch my chain and you dead.


"We just did a song together too. I just bring it back to who we are in the city. Niggas snapping. Snatch my chain and leave me out you gotta give it to them. We smoking up in the city. Everybody chain get snatched. You gotta be back on it and don’t look. And age don’t mean nothing. But I'ma tell you, snatch my chain and you dead.

"I don’t know. We got more purple so we cool people. Shout out to him for his song too I fucking love this. I fuck with this song. My weakest song could be somebody’s favorite song. Every day of the fucking week I be getting mine so I ain’t worry about that shit."