The whole perception of Tyga as an artist shifted when people started hearing “Make It Nasty” out and shit. It definitely doesn’t take a label anymore. There was the OG “Rack City” with the strip club video before the one with the Grand Theft Auto video. Since you were just talking about Lil Wayne, what's your relationship like with that guy? Is he really super into skating right now? What’s up with him?
He really likes to skate heavy right now. One thing about the skating lifestyle is they use that word "poser" a lot. When you go skating, skating is a lifestyle. He’s not trying to—like, that’s his lifestyle now. That’s what I talk about when motherfuckers go hard. One thing about Wayne is like, that nigga go hard. I performed with him last weekend in Vegas and they built a skate ramp inside the club. That was the last thing I would have ever thought to have. You got bitches going to the club, getting fly, watching niggas skate in the club. [Laughs.] That shit just sounds crazy.

Honestly, I think it’s really wack that people hate on him so much for that shit. Like, what's wrong with someone being focused on a hobby and enjoying something new in their life?
People hate on Jesus. They hate on Jesus. There’s people in the world who don’t believe in God! And Jesus! So, I think I can’t argue with these people. You're never going to please everybody and when you realize that and you get into your own zone, you're pleased with people that fuck with you and respect what you do. That’s what it’s really about.

You had some shit to say about people who sit online all day and criticize everything. One of the things people definitely say now is that Wayne fell off or Wayne can’t rap anymore. Does that even penetrate YMCMB's circle? Is that something that’s thought about?
What do you mean? Like, you talking about Wayne’s rap skills?

Yeah, when people try to say shit like, "Wayne isn’t as good anymore."
People’s lives don’t change as drastically as ours. Every day, I do something new that I have never done. People, they do the same thing every day. They get up. They go to work. They have the same routine, so their life is the same. The only excitement a lot of people get is when they go to the club. Not a lot of people are leaders. A lot of people are followers, which is cool, that’s how you get more fans and stuff. You need people to follow. It’s just crazy, man. I don’t even worry about all that. I know what I like to listen to and I know what I want to hear.

What about when someone isn't just hating on your music or how you dress, but when the hate gets personal. You have to look and see a website saying you got an engaged, or that you have a child on the way. Does that cross the line?
I don’t know. That’s personal business. Blogs and shit, these motherfuckers don’t have no respect and that’s why I don’t do interviews with nobody. None of these bloggers, because they don’t have no respect. They have no respect for the artist no more. It ain’t no artistry. People don’t respect it. That’s why a lot of people fuck with the same people they fuck with. That’s why I know when Jay drops the new record, it’s gonna be with Angie Martinez or Flex. They built that relationship with people where it’s like they're only gonna mess with who they mess with.

The blog shit is becoming so corny now. That’s why I stick to a few websites that I like to go on. People need to stop worrying about just that world.

The shit is just crazy. The shit that you see online, comments like, "Where do these motherfuckers live at?" Who are they? That’s why I like Instagram. When people start to hate on that shit, it’s not as worse as Twitter because you can see photos. You can see who a motherfucker really is and it’s real.

Are you engaged? Is there any truth to that?
Nah. I’m not engaged, man. That’s what I’m saying. It’s like, lifestyle shit. Motherfuckers want to know your life. What kind of car you driving? That’s why your music gotta be lifestyle. That’s why I make my music lifestyle because that’s what it’s really about. It’s still about the music a lot—don’t get me wrong—but a lot of the shit is lifestyle. A lot of the artists that I listen to I don’t want to watch on TV.

Are you having a child with Blac Chyna?
It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter about my personal life, really. That’s not what I want to talk about.

I respect that. Did you at least think the Nicki Minaj line on that 2 Chainz song that made light of your relationship with Blac Chyna was hilarious?
Yeah, she actually told me that she said something in the song. That was about two months ago. I was like, "What are you doing?" She was like, "You're gonna hear it." I’m like, "Alright." I heard it and I thought it was dope.

Was it funny to you or were you like, "What the fuck?"
It wasn’t really funny to me but I didn’t get mad about it. I just thought it was dope. I thought it was a dope little line. I thought she had a good verse on that record. I liked the verse overall.

She fucking killed that shit.
Yeah, that verse is hard.

The verse is ridiculous. That some shit that you'll rap hard in the car and not care who's looking.
Hell yeah.

Do groupies ever get old? You talk about them on a lot of songs.
I don’t think bitches, girls period, will ever get old. When I go home and get off tour, I’d like to have a piece of mind. I like to chill. I don’t like everything to be all chaotic like how it is when I step outside, you know?

It all depends on the person. I’m not one of them dudes where you'll come to my crib and it's just five, 10 niggas sitting around smoking. That’s just not me.

You were talking about fashion earlier and only shopping in Paris. The way that you want to be like the illest when it comes to raps, do you have that in mind when it comes to clothes? Do rappers compete with fashion the way that they do with their art?
What you mean?

Like, when you drop a verse on a song and think, "I want motherfuckers to think Tyga is a beast." Do you go for the same thing when you get dressed?
It’s not like I only shop in Paris to just say it. That’s not why I’m saying it. I just like the selection better out there. The selection is more rare, you know?

It’s just a personal style. Of course, nobody nobody wants to wear the same thing as similar artists. I do all my own shopping and I like to pick out what I like and push the game.

What's the competition like between artists when it comes to music?
I don’t really don’t be paying attention to everybody else’s stuff. Like I said, if it doesn’t appeal to me, if it doesn’t appeal to my lifestyle, I don’t really care to look at it. It just doesn’t matter to me.

That nonchalant attitude—"I don’t pay attention to or worry about what other people are doing"—does that apply to the G.O.O.D. Music/YMCMB beef? Is that a real thing? 
That shit is stupid. That’s just what people want to see. It's entertainment. They can say whatever they want to say because they want to see these things happen. It’s like boxing. People are egging on Mayweather and Pacquiao. "I don’t care how them niggas feel. I want to see them fight."

That’s the same thing with music. That’s how the fans feel. Everybody wants to start beef with people. You could be sitting right next to the nigga, having a conversation, and if they feel like they want to pull something, they'll say that you got beef with him.

How do you feel about the conflict between Drake and Chris Brown? You're on Young Money, but you have a relationship with Chris Brown.
I think it’s wack. I don’t think it creates anything positive. Don’t worry about the little shit. Everybody’s rich. Why do you gotta worry about it? I can only speak as a fan and a friend. I can’t really say much about that.

What was it like to have your tour bus shot up earlier this year?
It’s just like when you get into a car accident. Some shit you just can’t prevent. Some stuff is just going to happen. A lot of these people don’t understand, you go out there and you travel and you got 30 hours to come perform for these fans. You come meet people in some of these cities and one person can fuck it up for everybody and it’s unfair. It’s unfair and out of respect for the fans, that’s why artists don’t tour a lot. They do what they want to do. Why would I break my neck and kill myself and drive 40 hours to come to this place to come see you and one motherfucker got fired up and disrespected the whole show and ruined it for everybody.

Well, everything else is looking super bright. Aren’t you about to go on tour with Nicki?
Yeah, I’m about to do the Closer To My Dreams tour with MTV. I’m bringing out Iggy Azalea and Kirko Bangz on that one.

Word. I heard about that.
So that’s like three weeks. And then, after that, I'm gonna take a break and start on my album. Then I'm gonna go overseas with Nicki for about a month.

That should be fun.
Yeah, over in Europe, you know the fans are crazy.

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