Gucci Mane: Biggest humongous budget. Sold 60,000 the first week, second-best selling album I ever had. But I didn’t push it or promote it or push the right songs, things got leaked.

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
“Making Love to the Money” 

I always liked the Swizz one. Not "Gucci Time," the other one.

"It’s Alive.” And then “What’s it Gonna Be” was my other favorite.
That’s a serious song. I shot a video for that song. It came kind of late but it deserved it, it was so hard.

What was the recording process for all of these like?
I go to the studio all night every night. Every night I’m in Atlanta I’m in the studio all night.

After you started getting attention from the media in 2009, after you got out of jail. No one had really written stuff in the press until that point. Did that change how you were recording?
I stayed hungry, I keep myself driven.

When people bother you for interviews—
It’s not even a bother thing, it gauges—the more people want me, the more people that want to do business with me or talk to me or take pictures with me, that let’s me know how relevant I am at the time.