OK now we’ve read a lot of other stuff. We read about gunshots in the parking lot.
You heard about gunshots in the parking lot because somebody heard somebody say something, and they carelessly tweeted. Now they may have heard pyro, but no one has said there was gunshots in the parking lot. Police would’ve closed this down a completely different way had there been gunshots. If there’s gunshots, your show’s not going on. Everything comes to a halt. Nothing came to a halt.

Again, reckless tweeting. One person said there was gunshots. Somebody took that. I used to do this thing when I was a little kid. I used to say something outrageous. I’d say, “I read that somewhere.” I wrote it down, closed my eyes, and then I read it, and so it’s true. That’s exactly what happens with Twitter. People read it, so they think it’s true, and people retweet it like, “Oh my God, there were gunshots.” Cause some fool tweeted, “I heard gunshots.” There were no gunshots.


People read it, so they think it’s true, and people retweet it like, 'Oh my God, there were gunshots.' Cause some fool tweeted, 'I heard gunshots.' There were no gunshots.


Like I said, the police, who are everywhere, because they’re the security, right? If the police heard gunshots—and there was no place on that campus where you would not have heard them—they would’ve shut the place down. Anybody that knows police procedure knows that if there’s gunshots, everything gets shut down.

So what about the report that the building was locked, and nobody could go in and out? Not true?
That was true for a corridor. Not the building I don’t believe. I believe there were parts of it that nobody could come into once they cleared people out so there was no dust-up there.

One of the things that struck me that was a whole lot of publications that don’t have a lot to say about hip-hop in general on a daily basis, suddenly became fascinated with hip-hop when this happened.
When something bad happens, that’s always going to happen, right? Everyone is talking about this, no one is talking about 50 and Joe shaking hands. Like nobody. Huge beef. They reported the beef. Oh my gosh—anytime they would do a diss song, it would be everywhere, right? So now we got something that’s not huge, but it’s in the right direction, and all people want to do is talk about this other thing, and make up things about it.

While I’m talking to you, I’m literally seeing a new item on PerezHilton.com—not the biggest hip-hop authority—50 and Diddy supposedly had a problem at your show, according to this, uh, trusted source. I don’t know where to file that, but if you have any insights to clear that up, that would sure be interesting. No, no, no. I’m sure that’s not right—what was the problem?

It says, “Reportedly 50 and Diddy were joking around with each other backstage until things got taken too seriously, with 50 getting in Diddy’s face. Onlookers say that everyone thought a full-blown fight was going to happen, but Diddy quickly defused the situation by saying he was too much money for it.” Again, people who usually don’t care about hip-hop suddenly become obsessively focused when there’s bad news to report.
All this does is make it really difficult for us to give hip-hop a place to shine. None of these people have written about this show the past seven years when we’ve done this in peace. What I find really interesting is that the hip-hop awards is a place where people get along. You get different crews together, you get groups who don’t know each other, who get to know each other at the hip-hop awards. We’re the place where T.I. and Ludacris got on stage together when everybody thought they were beefing.

Our goal was to bring everyone together and celebrate the culture. You’re going to have differences—not everybody is going to make friends, but they’ve come for the last seven years, and they’ve come in peace to celebrate this culture, and hit the streets afterwards.

For me the highlight is always the cyphers. What should we be looking forward to on the cyphers?
We got a couple of great crews in there. Grand Hustle does quite well, Ruff Ryders are there, but my personal favorite is Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino’s fantastic. Ab-soul did it well, and we’ve got a west coast cypher that you have to see to believe. 


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