All 67 References to Brooklyn in Jay-Z's Catalog of Songs

"Grew up on Lexington Ave, my sights real high/Move to the Marcy Project 'round the time I was five/Had a great-grandmother in the heart of the 'Stuy/So on the fourth of July, we would always stop by/Man I ran through the bushes, bought pounds from the dreads/They had the best beef patties and cocoa bread/Played the album square mall straight round the time I was getting' tall/Where niggas was snatchin pockets, leaving' change on the floor/18, regime rounding', pink houses Fort Greene niggas they ain't blend/Wasn't safe on the A train, D, G or the F/They set the cards low-life niggas snatch Polo off your chest/East New York, Bushwick, fuck it the whole BK/Brownsville, where the warriors come out to play"

Song: "The Borough"
Album: N/A (2010)

Tags: jay-z, brooklyn, nets, nyc
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