Date: 2003

What Happened: 50 and Onyx's Fredro Starr met each other through Jam Master Jay, who used to bring 50 in the studio so he could record with Onyx. Eventually, a young 50 got on an Onyx song called "React."

Fredro Starr had a theory about how their beef started. According to Fredro, when Onyx went on tour back in the day, they still liked performing "React" so they got rapper Scarred 4 Life to perform 50's verse. When the tour stopped in NYC, Onyx invited 50 to their show at the Apollo to do his verse. However, when it came time for 50 to do his verse, Scarred 4 Life did it instead and stole the spotlight from 50. 

Later, 50 would diss Onyx's Sticky Fingaz on a number of mixtapes, including 50's underground hit “How To Rob." However, things got physical at the rehearsal for the 2003 VIBE Awards. Fredro was in attendance and saw 50 and his G-Unit crew near the stage. He headed over to make a peaceful gesture, but 50 ended up surprising him with one swing. The altercation ended up blowing over and the two haven’t spoken to each other since.