Sasha Go Hard: “Chicago now is a city of violence. Everybody says that now. They telling the truth because people get killed everyday in Chicago. I hate to say it, that’s just how it is. Me being Sasha Go Hard and just looking at everything that’s going on, you never know what’ll happen or who gonna like you. People killing people just because they don’t like each other. Or they don’t like somebody who they be with. That kind of scares me because I ain’t ready for that.

"For the last two years it’s been like that. To be honest, it's getting worse. I think experiencing and living in Chicago you see all this stuff going on you have to be aware and protect yourself. I guess [when people rap about violence and guns] that’s their way of protecting themselves because you have to. Maybe, it’s just protection, to let people know, you don’t want war with me so don’t try me.

"People will take your life if you do something big or they think you got some money now that we rapping. I don’t know, it's just to let people know. Hey, don’t try me."