Sasha Go Hard: “It took me four months to finish my mixtape. It was a lot of stuff I was going through. I couldn’t get nobody to let me record because, for one, people playing favoritism. They don’t want to work with you either because you not buzzing or they don’t want to see you do something good. I’ve been through so many situations where people, like guys, that want me to mess with them in order for them to work with me or do a video for me. Or give me studio time.

“So by me being me, I’m not finna have sex with nobody for studio time. By them not working with me that kind of made me fall back because I ain’t have no money to buy my own mic and get the programs and do it on my own. Money just didn’t come at the time. It just wasn’t coming. That’s kind of why it took me so long. Before the “Why They Madd?” video, I didn’t do no video since last year when I did “Welcome To The Real World” video.

“But Chella H actually put Stack Or Starve on me and ask if he can do it for me. He said, ‘Yeah.’ I had a little help and little supporters trying to put me up so I just won’t give up. There’s been times when I’ve been crying or just ready to let go because I didn’t have a lot of help. I ain’t have a lot of support. The support that I needed.

“I got songs right now on paper that I haven’t recorded yet or songs I got on my phone that’s not even out yet. The songs on [Do You Know Who I Am?] are the songs I felt people should hear like “I Think I Like That.” I put that on there, not only because the song was cold, but to let people know that Young Chop’s rocking with me. That let them know that I am not just anybody. That’s part of how I came up with [the title] Do You Know Who I Am? because people were kind of labeling me or they were looking at me like I didn’t mean nothing. I just found myself saying one day, ‘Do you know who I am?’ [Laughs.]