Sasha Go Hard:“I have 25 tattoos. My favorite one is I got the word “Love” on my hand with music symbols going around it. It just basically saying I love music. That’s my favorite one.

“I got a seahorse on my hand because I love how it looks. Every time I used to go to the museum, I gotta see the seahorses. It’s just so amazing to me. I went and got a seahorse on me. And then I got my zodiac sign, a Scorpio. I have a scorpion on my arm. I have my first mixtape name, Glory Girl. I got that tatted on me. I got my mother’s name on my stomach. I got some cheetah print. I got a cross. I got a cupcake. I got the cupcake in a bowl with some flowers. I don’t know, because it was pretty. [Laughs.]

“I only have three tattoo artists. I don’t like a lot of people doing my tats. They don’t have a shop. I mean, I’ve been to the shop to get three of my tattoos. They prices are not as high as the shop. They real cool. I have a relationship with them too.”