How To Dress Well: “I did the same thing with Love Remains. I just love the way that this works, musically. Love Remains starts with this clip from Safe by Todd Haynes—another filmmaker I would kill to work with. It’s Julianne Moore saying like she’s saying she’s going through an intense depression in the film, and her husband’s like ‘So how’s it going? Did you talk to a doctor?’ She’s like ‘Yeah, everything’s fine. He just told me to eat less dairy.’ And you’re like ‘eat less dairy? You’re fucking breaking down.’ It’s this impossibility to deal with her depression, and the way depression keeps you locked in it. I use that scene to kind of cast a pall over the record of Love Remains.

“This scene, I thought about putting it first, but to me it comes better a little bit into the record, because it’s not the whole record. But it’s a moment in this record, a really important emotional station of this record, just the thought that like you have this experience of loss, that’s it’s really tempting to just get fucked up, and try and forget about it. And that works to a certain degree, the problem is you can get high as fuck, and then you’re going to come down to the fucking world and then you’re going to have to face it again. And then every time you have to go you have to fly higher, be more alone. That’s just not a livable life.

“This scene is from a movie called Streetwise, which is about kids in Seattle. It was made in the 70s. This kid’s like 10 or 11, his name is Rat. He’s just got insight that like it’s crazy. Most people even on their deathbed don’t have these life insights. So it’s just a real inspiration for me. It’s also quite a sad thing to see this troubled kid have to have learned these lessons in such a hard way. And that movie was like such a huge inspiration for me, but also to this guy called Harmony Korine, a director who I’m super, super into. It’s just something that has resonated with me emotionally since the first time I saw it and every time I go back to it I’m like ‘Damn, this is really, really real.’”