If you're choosing an artist to extort, Stevie Wonder is definitely one you want to skip over. Recently two people were charged with attempting to extort the Grammy-winner and now plead no contest in the case.

Alpha Lorenzo Walker and Tamara Diaz were released on Monday after being sentenced to time-served. The two were sentenced to serve 292 days in jail and three years of probation for an attempt at selling a video that purportedly portrayed Wonder in a negative light.

Both were arrested back in May after Wonder's attorney placed a sting and claimed Walker had attempted to collect up to $5 million for the video. The couple was made eligible for release due to jail credits and Walker's attorney, Ian Wallach, explained that the deal was reached after prosecutors had trouble proving the extortion case. The charges were thus eligible to be reduced to misdemeanors and expunged later if the two would comply with the terms of their release.

[via Billboard]