Album: Ill Na Na
Label: Def Jam

Tone: “That was a record that was just another record on the album. The thing about the Foxy album was it was basically our creation. It wasn’t like working with LL, where we did it in conjunction with him. We’d put a track for him, if he liked it then he’d rap. With Foxy, it wasn’t like that.

“With Fox, it was like, ‘Rhyme.’ We had our whole vision. For that song we wanted Jay-Z to rap so he basically went in, spit it, he pinned it. Then she came in and did it. It was just another routine record. It wasn’t a long process, we played it, we had it at that and then we went to Hit Factory, where Jay laid the vocals. And that was really pretty much it.”

Poke: “He wasn’t supposed to even really be on the record.”

Tone: “That’s right he wasn’t supposed to be on the record.”

Poke: “He wasn’t supposed to stay on the record, we kinda just opened up his vocals, and we just kept them. Then he decided, ‘Yo this is a hot record, I’ma stay on it.’Then he wrote his part. She writes herself.”

Tone: “Our whole thing was that we tried to make her Foxy Brown—the uptempo sexy bitch. That’s what we wanted to make her, the hard, uptempo bitch.”