Album: R.
Label: Jive

Poke: “We knew R. Kelly from touring with him. So he was like, ‘Yeah I know those guys.’ When we went to Chicago to mess with him, Barry Weiss was like, ‘My dude likes you, they should work together and do something uptempo.’ We were like yeah and that led to everything.”

Tone: “The whole process to that song is a long fucking story. That record was almost scrapped. We were in the studio just making joints. R. Kelly had a thing where he would be there, disappear for hours, and then just pop up again. One day we were in the studio and we had the track going. We were going on the fourth hour of not seeing this guy. We were gonna scrap the beat because if we’re working on some shit and we don’t like it, we just scrap it.

“Right before we’re we’re gonna scrap it, R. Kelly walks in the room and starts singing. He was like, ‘Ohhh this is the record this is the record, this is the anthem.’ When artists get excited, we get excited. It helps energize us to keep creating. He went to the other room to argue with his label [about the song first] and then he went in the booth, wrote the hook, put it down, and the rest is history.”