Lunice: "That’s the track I remember when we were pretty drunk on some cheap whiskey at that time."

Hudson Mohawke: "That was the first one. That was the very first one that we did."

Lunice: "Yeah, I think that was the first one. I remember buying some random ass whiskey and he was like, ‘Yeah, that’s one so shitty.’ I was like. ‘Ah, whatever. Too bad.’ And we just started drinking it. I remember he put on an explosion sound and we were just laughing at it for some reason. And he was like, ‘Alright, we’ll take a track out of this one explosion kick.’ I am like, 'Alright, whatever.’ I started adding parts to it and he started adding parts. And every part I remember adding, he had to laugh about it. I guess that’s how it turned into that crazy song, because we were just like cranked up, really."

Hudson Mohawke: "It had gospel samples all over it and stuff."

Lunice: "Like, weird pitched choir sounds on that."

Hudson Mohawke: "That’s one of my favorite parts on that track for sure."