Lunice: "We were both in London starting on this track. First thing I thought of in terms of putting in the drums was, like, early 2000s when the whole turntablism scene was popping. There were all these scratch meets, but they weren’t breaks. They were made up loops that scratch nerds made. The kick patterns were so different back then. I was thinking, ‘What if I came up with something around that kind of feel?’ You know, where the kick doesn’t come on the one but it maybe comes on the two. I got in with that idea and then I was like, ‘Shit, this is something HudMo can fucking kill on right now.’

"I sent him the melody real quick. He made this slap so hard. He just made it even more tight. The melody of the song is basically—it’s not even a synth or anything. It’s just a snare with everything re-queued into the melody. It really feels like me and HudMo were exchanging verses sonically. 'Buggin' came together really tight."

Hudson Mohawke: "Yeah, the entire track is about the kick. It was weird. For a little while it was playlisted on daytime radio in the UK. I think of the arrangement of it as well. We wanted to make something that’s not a drop, per say, in terms of dubstep drops, but something that had the arrangement that had a build up in it.

"It’s almost like an anti-drop. The whole space that you hear in that when is what people react to. It’s like, openness rather than every frequency being picked up by everything. There’s a lot of air in it."