When Kid Rock started dating Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson in 2001, Lee was none too pleased. His album Never A Dull Moment, released the following year, featured the song “Face To Face,” which threatened an unnamed enemy; some speculated this was Rock. Four years after calling off their engagement, Rock and Anderson married, only to divorce five months later. According to Rock, during the divorce Lee sent him insulting e-mails from Anderson’s Blackberry. At the 2007 MTV VMAs the two met face-to-face and Rock knocked Lee’s hat off and punched him. Lee responded on his website, calling Rock “Kid Pebble.” Testifying about the incident in an unrelated case three years later (Rock had gotten into a fight at a Waffle House), Rock stated that Lee had called him and apologized and “now we’re friends again.”