Album: Rock Steady
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “When we first wrote that song, we wrote it with David Stewart, who was in the Eurythmics, and he’s a very talented guy. We were in London sometime during the Rock Steady record in 2001, and Dave had this guitar part, and Gwen started singing over it, and before you know it, they had written ‘Underneath It All.’ It was that quick and then we took that to Jamaica, and that’s where we recorded it with Sly and Robbie.”

Adrian: “I just remember recording ‘Underneath It All’ in Jamaica felt so right. It was super organic, we were really trying to breathe the reggae from the place it came from, and being in those moments, and going to the clubs at night, and coming back the next day-just taking in the Jamaican experience and recording reggae music, rather than doing it in Southern California, it just had a different feeling about it. It just felt right.”

Tom: “‘Underneath It All’ is way more traditional, really simple reggae. It was really fun recording in Jamaica. It was a big thrill to be there, and to be welcomed by a lot of really nice people there who were happy to have us. People would come by with gifts at the studio—we lived there for just two weeks. This guy came by with this huge batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I was like, ‘That’s awesome!’ I ate like eight of those and got stoned out of my mind because they were pot cookies. I didn’t know they were so potent. We just had blast in Jamaica."