Album: Return of Saturn
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “That was the first time where Gwen, Tom and I would sit down and record on a computer together without anybody else in the room. That was a different way of doing it. ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ was an idea that started in the early part of writing, but we didn’t really kind of get it going until later in the writing. It was one of the last songs we finished for the record. We were just trying to get modern with stuff internally as far as how we recorded, and I remember we worked on this song down at Tom’s house in Long Beach."

“With Return of Saturn, we rented this house in the Hollywood Hills in 1998 for about six months, and that’s where we wrote most of Return of Saturn. It just goes to show you that we did that in 1998, but the record didn’t come out until 2000. We did a lot of writing and recording after that. That was also a really challenging record to make because we felt a lot of pressure coming off of Tragic Kingdom. It was such a big record, and we were like, ‘We’ve got to prove ourselves as songwriters, as musicians.’ Looking back on that now, we put way too much pressure on ourselves. We probably made it harder for ourselves than it needed to be, but at the same that’s all you could do. You do the best you can. That’s what making Return of Saturn was.”

“We thought we had finished the album, and then we discussed it further, and decided that the album needs one more song. We had gone in, and mixed and mastered Return of Saturn, and decided to hold off. ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ was written, and we went in and recorded it at the last minute. Once