"I kiss her neck, I kiss her stomach, then I kiss that pussy/And then I eat it from the back, but I don’t do crack" ("So Dedicated")


"Tell her how that pussy tastes, she been eating pineapples" ("So Dedicated")


"That red bone get licked to sleep, she’ll wake up and get dicked to sleep" ("Same Damn Tune")


"And I eat pussy, she suck dick at the same damn time/That’s a 69, then pass it to my slime" ("Same Damn Tune")


"I'm the trigger man, and that shooting star/Eat that pussy like caviar"("Cashed Out")


"She say sorry I didn’t shave so that pussy a little furry/I put that pussy in my face: I ain’t got no worries"("No Worries")


"She want me to eat her sugar, I say, 'Why you in a hurry?'/She say, 'Why you asking questions?' I say, 'Bitch you tryna be funny!'"("No Worries")


"Swag so dope you probably think I’m dealing/And I only give head if baby girl swallow children" ("Amen")


"I’m getting head while givin’ head, that’s a head-on collision" ("Get Smoked")


"My tongue like a surfboard/Her pussy like a wave pool" ("Get Smoked")


"Dickin' them out, bitch eatin’ her out/that’s that shit my girl like" ("I Don't Like")


"Eatin’ pussy, tongue kissin’ and all that/She ridin’ a nigga so fast, my dick feel like it’s been carjacked" ("I Don't Like")


"Fuck you, don't judge me, drug me then love me/Eat me some pussy when I got the munchies"("No Lie")


"All my homies ride or die, all my bitches ride or die/I lick her pussy eye-to-eye then suck that motherfucker dry"("No Lie")