"Swish Michael, Phelps nigga in your hoe/Coupe the color of Yoo-hoo, rude boy free Buju" ("Mercy")


"Stop stuntin' if you ballin', buy your bitch somethin'/Stayed on the same team like Tim Duncan" ("Burn")


"Niggas gonna talk they ain't talking 'bout shit/Niggas gonna bark I go Mike Vick" ("Burn")


"Hit it like Canseco/While she say, 'You no way Jose!'" ("Amen")


"This that good old fashioned Mark Jackson/Fucked then I’ll pass, y’all Utah Jazz-in'/And ya’ll borin’, I don’t play nigga, I’m Mark Madsen"("Green Ranger," J.Cole)


"I'm too high, if I come down my fat pocket's my shock absorber/Like Hank Gathers I'm a die a baller, you flamin' fa**ots put him out with water" ("I Don't Like") 


"Isn’t it ironic I tell Tunechi pass the chronic/Purple syrup, yellow Fanta, you can call it Magic Johnson" ("Magic," Flo)