"Her clit look like a jelly bean, I’m on that promethazine/Blow your ass to smithereens, kush strong like Mr. Clean"("Same Damn Tune")


"When I’m on the scene/I’m on that lean, bitch, I’m drowsy"("Cashed Out")


"My niggas smoke like coffee shops/That's syrup gang, wafflehouse"("Cashed Out")


"I’m popping percs, I’m sipping lean, smoking pot like cooking dinner"("Mercy")


"Syrup, syrup, syrup, haha yeah, Tunechi bitch, Dedication 4 yo"("Mercy")


"Bitch I’m on that syrup tell that hoe leggo my Eggo/And my girlfriend is a choppa, I finger fuck that hoe"("Burn")


"Money talks bitch and mine talks like Robin Leach/That lean got me slow as Lisa Turtle ask Screech"("Burn")


"I am sippin’ on that lean, don’t bring me no bottles hoe/I make it rain so hard, flowers grow, Hollygrove" ("No Lie")


"Shout out to my weed man, shout out to my lean man" ("No Lie")


"So just do me a favor and don’t do me no favor/All I need is a blunt and a cup of purple" ("Magic," Flo)


"Isn’t it ironic I tell Tunechi pass the chronic/Purple syrup, yellow Fanta, you can call it Magic Johnson" ("Magic," Flo)


"Ok, the loud got me stinky/The lean got me cranky" ("Wish You Would")