"All you hoes get topless, suck a dick ‘til it’s spotless"("So Dedicated")


"Nigga get your duffles up, don’t know whether it’s love or lust/Tell that ho to suck it up, she got lips like rubber ducks"("Same Damn Tune")


"She give me brain, brain like trivia" ("Cashed Out")


"She grab that dick with two hands like she about to pray for it" ("Cashed Out")


"I’m bout it, I said I’m about to cum/She opened her mouth -- water fountain ("Cashed Out")


"I’m getting my dick sucked/I blow weed like it’s dust" ("Cashed Out")


"She treat that dick just like a straw/How you like them apples, Microsoft? Now wipe it off"("Cashed Out")


"Drop it to the floor make that dick shake/My homegirls slurp it like a milkshake" ("Mercy," Nicki Minaj)


"So all you niggas fuck you, all you niggas choke/Cause all you do is boast and argue over hoes/So all you niggas toast cause all you deep throat word" ("Mercy," Nicki Minaj)


"Your bitch swallow my pimp juice/Her pussy wetter than swim suits" ("Mercy")


"Bad yellow bitch with a tongue like a snake/I let her suck my dick and then I fuck her to some Drake" ("Burn")


"She said she wanna fuck my brains out/But she gon have to suck this dick first!" ("Amen")


"Every night I go hard/She blow me like Boston George" ("Amen")


"She get on her knees and pray to this dick/Then swallow all of them blessings" ("Amen")


"I’m getting head while givin’ head, that’s a head-on collision" ("Get Smoked")


"When this shit dropped I was like 16/Tryna get some head from a mixed thing – big dreams." ("Green Ranger," J.Cole)


"She eat my whole dick, she like Whole Foods" ("Green Ranger")


"I’m getting bread like cold cuts/She suck my dick till her nose runs" ("I Don't Like")


"Getting’ head while I drive make me run lights/These hoes wanna ride my dick you gotta hitchhike" ("I Don't Like")


"She suck my dick for 60 seconds and swallow all my Minute Maid" ("I Don't Like")


"We get home and she go straight for that head—gun range" ("No Lie")


"She swallowed all my kids, bitch we could have had a family" ("Magic")