Who Is Bago? Photo by Natalia Mantini.

The Internet

Bago: “The Internet is a wild place. I think that when I wrote all this stuff it I was definitely in a place of struggle, trying to figure it out so that definitely comes across in the record. It’s cool that I’m able to do this and have fun with it.

“I don’t want to spend too much time [reading comments], that could kill someone. I feel like that could drive somebody crazy. A whole list of comments and people just loving you and then hating you? Who cares. I probably shouldn't read it. I’m going to put a parental control over everything with my name on it. Like, ‘Do not read any press.’

“I care [about what people say about my music] in the sense that I care about people. I’m a lover. I just want to love people and I want people to love me. That’s what makes the world go around, is love. Am I caring? Yeah. Do I care about people? Yeah, but there’s always going to be people that don’t like what you’re doing.

“But then you stop caring because you’re like all these people are caring to make you feel bad. They’re not writing any music so whatever. I can work it into my music and be like this isn’t really conventional. Some of the songs on the record, like 'Sunday’s Best,' there’s no verses, there’s only a hook and then Charles Manson is the sampled verse. I don’t really care about how I make the music, it’s just what I’m feeling. I care about my music and I care about the people listening to it.

“People on the Internet overthink everything. Even though the content may come across as this very epic thing, sometimes you’re just having a good time. That’s what you thought of at the moment and you wrote it down and that was it. Life just isn’t really that serious.”

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