Who Is Bago?

Starting To Sing

Bago: “When I was young, I sang for the church. That was always kind of a thing but then we had a killer choir in high school. I was definitely a choir nerd. I still talk to my choir teacher from high school. I wouldn’t say I was the star, we had a lot of great vocalists on our choir. But I definitely tried out for all the solos.

“My teacher was always supporting anyone who wanted to do stuff like write [their own material]. He would always be like, 'Come by after school, I’ll help you work anything out.' I spent a lot of time in there just listening. I was too scared to write or show my writing to anyone. I wasn’t a shy kid, but when it came to the singing, maybe because it was really important to me, I was always nervous about it.

“[When I was younger] I was definitely too scared to pick up a pen. I never saw myself as a writer. I sang but I never really saw myself as a writer. I never really had a journal or wrote poetry or anything. Anytime I tried to write when I was younger I’d just be like, ‘Oh this is stupid,’ and then crumble it and throw it in the trash.

“The first time I started really writing was with [my friend] Jack and he was just like, 'This is decent.' And I’m like, 'Really? That’s weird because this looks like shit to me.' You just get more comfortable. For sure my [formal training played a big role in my career now].”

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