Who Is Bago?

Her relationship with Alexander Spit

Bago: “No, no. Oh no no. No, no no. Me and Spit are not together. We both are very happy in our own relationships outside of our friendship. When I first moved down to LA and he was bringing me around to parties or introduce me, people always thought we were together or I was his new little jump off but that was definitely never the case. Let me make that clear. That’s my best friend.

“I have a boyfriend. Our apartment, we’ve got a lot of people that live here. Everyone is coming and going on tour and doing their thing so it’s definitely a very creative space. It has to be like this in order for us to record me like screaming in the closet at like 2, 3 in the morning. And your roommates being okay with that. There’s always different ideas being thrown around, different music, everybody’s doing something. It seemed like a good fit for me.

“Not other artists. Our other roommate, Brick Stowell, he’s a photographer. he works for Odd Future Records so he’s always coming and going on tour with those boys. So it’s just very music oriented in here. Usually I’m always the one at home, working on singing in my room.”

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