A few weeks back, we premiered a song by Alexander Spit called “A Breathtaking Trip,” a cut from his recently released EP of the same name. The track blew us away, not just because of Spit’s always on-point production, but because of the vocalist on the song, a young singer named Bago.

Right from the start it was obvious that Spit had met his musical match. The defining characteristic of his beats is contrast—banging bass is often undercut by an unexpected melody, while all the sounds are layered individually. Meanwhile, Bago’s voice conveyed love and loss, trust and betrayal. With Bago, Spit finally had a dark, soulful singer to go along with his lush beats.

His unwinding instrumentals clash with her vocals that sound like they were crafted in the dark, recorded in echo chambers far in the distance. Long delays leave pockets of space for Spit to swoop in and counter the sounds. The results were something like Amy Winehouse meets Poliça, with dashes of Little Dragon and Charli XCX. Androids on auto-tune. If Spit’s music was meant to be breathtaking, then Bago’s vocals are heart-stopping. Together, their music is haunting and beautiful.

Earlier this week, Complex premiered Bago’s mixtape, Sunday’s Best, which was entirely produced by Spit. The excellent EP proved that the duo has plenty more to offer. That’s why we had to get on the horn with 23-year-old Lauren Jenaveve Severson to find out Who Is Bago? The California native told us about her ethnic background, how she hooked up with Spit, and her love for Dolly Parton...

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)