FUSE caught up with Swedish DJ Avicii, one of the biggest DJs/remixers/producers in the world right now, before his Lollapalooza 2012 performance this weekend. On the ride from the hotel to the show, Avicii explains how he flew in the night before to Las Vegas, then went straight from his gig to the airport to fly to Chicago, and other than getting some shut-eye on the plane, had yet to really sleep.

He talks about the excitement of performing at Lollapalooza too, saying, "I'm used to, like, something different. I'm used to playing for, like, my fans, or fans of house music and stuff. So to play for an all-around crowd, and more ages too, it's fun." He also talks a bit about house music's roots in Chicago. Watch above, and check out a brief highlight from his performance below.

Video: Avicii Live at Lollapalooza 2012