T.I. is building more hype for his upcoming album, Trouble Man, with its strong new single, “Go Get It.” It makes you wonder what else the Atlanta rapper has in store for his eighth studio album due out this year. In this interview with Rap-Up, Tip shared some of the collaborations expected to appear on the record, which include Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, A$AP Rocky, and Cee Lo Green.

While he is balancing Trouble Man and his joint album with B.o.B., T.I. is also busy promoting his Starz’ political drama series Boss and the second season of VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Read on to learn about how he linked up with everyone.

On his track with Lil Wayne:

"It’s a dope record. It’s high energy, party, Southern club, fancy shit.Me and Rico recorded the record and we reached out. Grand Hustle and YMCMB, we have an incredible working relationship, a huge amount of mutual respect for one another within the camps, so we reached out to him and he sent it back ASAP."

On his track with R.Kelly:

"There are two title tracks to this project and R. Kelly is on one of them. This record ["Trouble Man"] is basically asking a woman if she can learn to love a trouble man. I’m describing my life and the excitement that comes with it and the challenges that come with it as well, and asking a woman if she can deal with that, if she can take the bad with the good. It’s speaking to women in a way they ain’t been spoken to in a while."

On his track with A$AP Rocky:

"That record is called “Wildside.” No I.D. did it and I’m basically just narrating my childhood and what I come from and giving people some insight into why I am the way I am and why some of the things that happen to me only happen to me and they wouldn’t happen to anyone else ’cause they’re specific in my upbringing. A lot of motherfu**ers just see the outcome and see the things that I go through. They see the effect, but I’m narrating the cause a little bit for ‘em."

On his track with Andre 3000:

"The André 3000 record is entitled “Sorry” [produced by Jazze Pha]. It’s just more narration of life and the reasons why I should not be sorry for anything that I’ve endured, for anything that I’ve gone through, and the reason why I don’t owe motherfu**ers any apologies. I’ve come all this way from zero. I ain’t got no reason to say sorry to anybody. It’s probably one of the most creative records I’ve done in a long time."

On his track with Cee Lo Green:

"Yeah, me and Cee Lo did a record that Pharrell produced. It’s called “Hello.” Basically we ridin’ off into the sunset. We’re headed to where the winners gather and saying hello and goodbye at the same time to the losers."

On his joint album with B.o.B., The Man and the Martian:

"We were just in the studio last night. We just continue to bang records out. The timeline on it is probably gonna be the most complicated aspect of it. Making the music is easy. It’s just the timeline of when it will be released."

If "Lick It" with Lady Gaga will appear on the album:

[Laughs] I don’t think it’s for this project. It ain’t really in that direction. The direction of [Trouble Man] is so different from that. It won’t be on this album.

[via Rap-Up]