Fighting Within The Gully Squad

"I don’t even want to talk about the fighting. It’s all about unity. This is about positive things and positive movements. I’m always gully. I built the gully. I was born in the gully. The gully build me and then I build the gully. I take the gully to the world. When you say, ‘Gully side,” somebody say, ‘Yo, that’s Jamaica, right?” Yeah. So it’s just all about Jamaica, Gully side. It’s all about my artists them. It’s all about me just ah try to make it big so I can pull them."

What’s Next

"Right now I’m working on my mixtape for the islands. and then I’m a work on my mixtape for the U.S, which is gonna feature a whole heap of artists. Whole heap ah artists. We’ve been working on the album, but DJ Khaled will just say, “Hear wha—we’ll put the album aside and work pon some singles, hot up the streets, take it to the top and then... We just try and just get the album out, you understand? So it’s just about me doing songs mostly for the streets, and mostly for the fans. Just working, you know. I did a song with Pharell’s artist, Chris Cab, that white kid—very talented. Me, Chris Cab, and Wyclef. And then I was supposed to go in the studio with Pharrell. But so much things to do, and so much time. Just trying to make it work. So me and Pharrell, we don’t really go to the studio to even do our work as yet. We been in the studio to work for Chris Cab. He got a big singingi and everything. So the other day I was in the city just for five minutes to go do a show with him, because it’s all about love and respect. It’s all about music."

Working With Snoop Lion

"You know, life is like that. You never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I mean, Snoop Dogg went to Jamaica and him go Bobo Hill and him go inna the street and him see the love... And you know Rasta have nothing but consciousness to teach. Nothing but upliftment. So Snoop Dogg, him just love it and him just feel like it’s a great move for him. And we can only help him to uplift. You know, he’s already a legend. He’s working on consciousness, you know? And when you talk about Bob [Marley], you talk about love, respect, honor. Just like a couple years ago when this big magazine [compared] Bob Marley to Mavado—and that was Rolling Stonemagazine. You know? That was such a great thing for me. So I understand what’s really going on. You know, Snoop Dogg is a real G. So I’m gonna show him real respect, and do what I’m supposed to do. You get me?"

Vybz Kartel

"The whole thing with Vybz... You done know the system. So we have to just hope for the best. We have to just all pray for him and show we support. I mean me, definitely at times, me just sit back and even when me say a word of prayer, me just put him in it same way. Because it’s all about me and him from the start, and no matter what happened musically and lyrically we never kill each other. We never really try to hurt each other—no matter what people say, it’s all about music and you done know. So much time they lock me up, so much times them lock me down, me just come back like the Terminator. So I guess Addi have to just terminate pon them. So big up Vybz Kartel. Gully Gad say that."

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