What are your surefire moves to romance a woman?
Compliments. Women love compliments. If their hair looks good. It’s the little things.

What is your favorite compliment to give?
The eyes. I’m an eyes man. You know, "Your eyes look amazing. Your eyes look beautiful." I always go to the eyes compliment. Also, if a woman has children, to show interest in their children, show interest in what they do as well as women, what they do. In the conversation, show interest in what they are about and what their children are about.

Women love fashion, so if you have a fashion sense yourself, and not just about men’s clothes, but also women’s clothes and the new stuff going out there. My involvement with Hip Hop Weekly and The Sourceinvolved me in fashion so I have my fingerprint on what’s new and what’s hot. Conversations about fashion are definitely a great thing to do. A surefire thing is also gifts. Women love gifts. Women love to be surprised so if you can keep the gifts coming and the surprises coming, that’s a great thing.


You have to be great in bed. You have to be a passionate person. Sex isn’t everything but sex is important. You gotta be able to put it down.


What is the greatest gift you’ve given to a woman?
Jacob the Jeweler, of course a very famous jeweler. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with Jacob. This one particular time, I actually flew in Jacob, and this was with a celebrity, to put it around her neck on her birthday. A huge diamond necklace. It looked like something the Queen of England would wear. It made her really happy. Her mother was there, all her friends. That was an incredible moment.

Besides extravagant gifts, what other advice can you give for random surprises?
It’s the little things. One of my favorite stores is Barnes & Noble. I love Barnes & Noble. I love Bed, Bath & Beyond. Some guys like Home Depot, I like Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you go out and spend the time to get the gifts that aren’t normal types of gifts. Karlie was into acting and I bought her a book about filmmaking. All the Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have those little bells and whistles. It’s the little gifts that if you were on an airplane flight and you pick up the SkyMall magazine. The things that aren’t the normal, I like to do that.

What’s the last surefire move?
You have to be great in bed. You have to be a passionate person. Sex isn’t everything but sex is important and you have to be a passionate person. You gotta be able to put it down. Let’s face it, if you’re doing all of these other things and then the bedroom isn’t right then you might have a problem. Anything that you do, if you put passion into it, then everything works out alright.

So, let’s talk about the last episode before the finale. Throughout the season, it seems like you've been put in the middle of Stevie's love triangle.
You have no idea. [Laughs.] I’ve known Mimi for a while and as the show was going on, it seemed like me and Mimi would see each other and she would give me little looks. It wasn’t like how it was before. I knew her before she got with Stevie, so we were talking and I am in the middle. I’m around Joseline all the time. Mimi has a way of talking and it’s hard to get things in when she’s upset. I blurted out Joseline’s name by accident. I really didn’t mean to do that. I would hate that if I was going through that and someone did that to me. I felt genuinely bad about calling Mimi by Joseline. I apologized. I hope Mimi really understood it was a mistake.

In my head, it’s about the baby. It’s about Eva. Whatever happens with Stevie and Mimi, people need to understand that there is a child involved and that should be the number one concern. As long as Stevie is handling his business with Eva, if he chooses to stay with Joseline or if he chooses to go back with Mimi, the number one priority should be the child. Everything else will work itself out. Mimi, Joseline, and Stevie are adults and whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be. Stevie has to be able to make a choice.

The situation with Mimi and Joseline, if he doesn’t have to make a choice then God bless Stevie. I’m sure there’s a bunch of men that will put their hands up and be like, "Let’s go Stevie!" I won’t act like I’m the most perfect guy in relationships. Have I been monogamous in relationships in the past? No. Do I understand the importance of monogamy now in relationships? Yes, I do. If you want to avoid problems and issues and craziness, then yes, you have to be a one woman man and women have to be a one man woman.

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