Let's talk about that scene where you and Karlie were arguing in bed and she told you that her manager said you were "cold." You got really emotional on screen.
This goes back to Romeo and Juliet when you have family members that don’t want you to date. If two adults have a connection, nothing else really matters. Of course, friends and family and management can give their opinions but you really have to go with your heart. It’s your decision, it’s your life, and you’ll make a mistake sometimes but go on with your heart. We’re all human.

I just wanted to prove them wrong by showing her that I’m down for her career and I wholeheartedly support whatever you support. It bothered me a little bit when it kept coming up. It gets frustrating because it starts to get redundant.

Were those tears of frustration then or were you genuinely sad?
I definitely got caught up in the moment. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve made changes for the better. I want to be recognized for that and I don’t want to keep hearing about the old Benzino and the old situations with the old Benzino. I want to surround myself with positive situations and positive energy. The past is the past. It’s done and you can’t bring the past back. I think a lot of the focus was on my past, and yes, I got caught up. I got emotional on camera.


It’s an experience. I have a 19-year-old and a 15-year-old. Everybody tunes in, so of course they tune in. They like to watch the show with me.


Now we’re watching you pick out jewelry and possibly an engagement ring for Karlie. What can we expect for the future of your relationship?
I can’t say too much. You’ll have to watch the finale to see what happens. The bottom line is, I’ve never been married. I’ve dated celebrities. I’ve been in that whole realm. I’m at that point in my life where I really do want a monogamous relationship. I really do want to be with one woman and really see how that bond between two people, wholeheartedly supporting each other, works out with marriage. That’s an experience that I envy when I see other people together. I really envy that.

Is there a relationship on the show that you’re envious of?
Kirk and Rasheeda have been together for a while and they rock out. They rock out through their differences. It’s not easy especially with Kirk being the manager so that’s a great situation. But also, relationships like Obama and Michelle. Of course, I believe a man is supposed to go all out for his woman, but there’s something really sexy about a woman standing by her man that’s really amazing to me. It might sound corny but I really want that in my life.

What is it like for you to watch the shows now? Do you watch them every week?
I watch it one time and that’s it for me. It’s an experience. I have a 19-year-old and a 15-year-old. Everybody tunes in, so of course they tune in. They like to watch the show with me. My kids know Karlie. They have a great relationship with Karlie but they just want to see me happy. I don’t like to bring a whole bunch of different women around my kids. They want to see their dad happy and if I’m happy with someone then they’re happy. Watching the show is kind of surreal, watching yourself and with all the cameras in your private life, but it’s a great opportunity. The show is doing incredible, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Do you feel like you’ve been portrayed in a fair light on the show?
Yes, 100 percent. Definitely portrayed in a fair light. I cook so I have no problem with cooking for a female. I have no problem spending my money on a female if that’s what I choose to do and buying gifts for her to make her smile. I was brought up by a beautiful mother and a father that understands how to treat women. As far as manners, open up the door, let a woman on and off an elevator first. There’s certain things, it may come from the old school but I’m an older guy.

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