There’s quite a long and rich history of rappers sticking it to the man. To commemorate the tradition, J-Zone over at EgoTripLand has unveiled a list of the 15 “most interesting, entertaining, and underrated songs of this ilk.”

To avoid overlapping with UpNorthTrips’ similar “F*ck The Police State of Mind” list, the new “15 Shots to the (Cop’s) Dome” list leaves out heavy hitters like N.W.A.'s “F*ck Tha Police.” Instead J-Zone gives the top spot to Main Source’s “A Friendly Game of Baseball” followed by “Road to the Precinct” and “Ice Man Cometh” by Hard Knocks and 2 Black 2 Strong MMG respectively. Check out the full list over here.

[via EgoTripLand]