Producer: Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

Album: Full Moon

Label: Atlantic

“There was no pressure at all. I just know it took me a minute to find out what I wanted to do, because Never Say Never was a hard act to follow. People responded to that album well; I actually loved that album, as well. I just wanted my work to be just as good, and I wanted it to be up a notched.

“I was comfortable. I was in a zone with a team that I’d did Never Say Never with, from LaShana Daniels, to Rodney Jerkins to Fred Jerkins. We were all there, and it was interesting because Rodney was doing Michael Jackson [Invincible] at the time and we were all in the same place. I didn’t get a chance to see Michael a lot, but a lot of the energy he was giving Michael, he shared it with me. I felt comfortable.

“We were in Miami and it was definitely a step up from Never Say Never. I’d say [Full Moon] is my favorite album that I’d ever done.”