Producer: Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

Album: Never Say Never

Label: Atlantic

“To find Rodney Jerkins was rare. They don’t come around like that everyday. To find him, it was a match made in heaven, and it still is. We have so much more that we can do together. He was special for me, he did a lot for me, and he believed in me. He helped me to be versatile.

“The first album sounds nothing like Never Say Never. But I was blessed to find a Keith Crouch for the first album. There was a chemistry there, and there a chemistry with Rodney. That’s so important in music: to have a chemistry with your producer. I was able to do a lot of different type of records with Rodney. He helped me find my voice.”

“I knew what a classic was but, I didn’t know what my classic would sound like. Creativity is an energy, it’s a spirit. When you follow it, it brings great things. I think on Never Say Never we followed it. We were not afraid to follow that guidance, and it was all for the right reasons.

“It was really for the people. When you do music for others, which is why you should do music, it should never be about you... It’s not right. If you coming out doing this because ‘I wanna win’ and ‘I’m about to kill the game,’ that’s when you get in your head and it becomes about being successful first. Everybody wants to be successful, but it shouldn’t be the main [objective]. It should be about the people.

“This is not about you, you’re here of service. God gives you a gift to share with those, and if you don’t think about the other people, then it’s not going to work. All artist should know that. That’s top secret number one.”