Producer: Babyface

Album: Waiting to Exhale

Label: Arista

“It’s so funny because Babyface was like the hottest producer at the time, and I just wanted to work with him so bad. So I finally got a chance to work with him and I was in the studio with him, and all I wanted to do was impress him. I was doing the most and he had to tell me to calm down, because I was doing too much. So that dream came true, and to be on a soundtrack with so many great artists like CeCe Winans and Mary J. Blige... Whitney Houston, of course. It was her soundtrack.

“To be on that soundtrack was like, ‘Wow, this is really happening. This is dope. Like God is really hooking me up right now.’ And I loved the song.

“The video was fun too. I had a great relationship with Hype Williams. He had done the ‘Baby’ video and the ‘I Wanna Be Down’ remix video, so we were very familiar with each other. I love working with him and that was a fun video. One of the actors in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ [Donald Faison] was in the video. So I wanted to meet him and hang out with him. It was a a great video, dance and everything. It was dope.”